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What does 'Character Design' mean?
The character design is the process  which comes after the characterisation and consists in defining the character  through his/her physical appearance. 
We need to consider a character as a little fictional creature, human or not, that aims to please its creator and the public as well.
While the basic characterization of this fictional creature (his tastes, his fears, his behaviors) may take a little mental effort, as it is a sort of list of emotions, facts and feelings that come and go in the life of a character, the process of visual realization of this creature may not be as simple. That's why many writers and characters creators prefer to rely on experienced hands.
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Now, I'm not sure if you've noticed yet, but you've had the good fortune in being born into a largely digital age. Whilst this doesn't mean that you can throw out that chunky A3 leather-bound portfolio you've been carrying around since university, it does mean that your online portfolio is probably now just as (if not increasingly more) important as your physical one.
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I'm not much of a writer. I don't feel I'm "much of" anything really.

And yet through what little time I've consciously been around, I've been beaten up, down in the gutter, and generally had the self-respect of a pebble. Yet I've always managed to get back up and keep a smile on my face. It's not a fake one either. I smile out of joy. Why? I have no freaking clue. I'd rather ask "why not?" 

It was only a while ago I realized that my smile can make a difference. Not just my smile. Anyone's. This sounds corny and cliché, but I feel it strongly everytime I think about it. So if I can make a difference without that much of an effort, why not try to do it more actively? 

And this brings me to the top: I'm not much of a writer. But this week I've had an urge to just type something out. Perhaps this comes from a lot of changes that have been happening lately, to me and to those around me - again, it doesn't matter why, let's all go "why not?".

I'm not gonna go all role model on anyone (I still lack the confidence to even try) but I had to let this out: even if life has given you such a smackdown that you feel you don't have the strength to keep going, keep-fucking-going. Why? Why not. Hell if anything, morbid curiosity. "How much can I take?" "How great a skid mark can I make with the tearings of my own ass?" Find out then.

Don't get me wrong, I've never been miserable. I realise I'm pretty average when it comes to luck, good or bad. And I also know no matter how bad I may feel one day, there will be a badjillion people way worse. However I do think it's easier to go through whatever happens with a positive attitude, for I believe our brains can be our greatest weapons, overcoming all since a measly creative block to life-shattering catastrophes...

It may all seem like yada yada, but I'd almost bet my left nut someone out there will relate, or even let whatever sort of advice I send here sink in. 

In short: smiles, positive attitude, brain power.

Try your best to smile everyday, and make someone smile. Anything goes here! :D
Keep a positive attitude, "preach" a positive atitude. The first being easier if you practice the second.
Your brain will help you, flex it a lot! Don't avoid any thought, embrace it, break it down and learn through introspection.
Share. Share your smile, your attitude, and your brain. what you get back will be what you cherish most.




BrŠulio Santos
Finally got the nerve to create a DA account, and here I am.

I enjoy all sorts of comicbooks and animation, but I'm not that tallented in any of these fields. I just love scratching paper with stuff that leaves a mark on it, and I hope to learn a little bit more on this platform.


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llama badge, rula.
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I'd like to see more of that sort of work though ^^
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Yeah- I'm looking forward to the movie too. Yeah I'm thinking about playing with this style a bit more.
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